Save Lives by Donating Plasma

Many life-saving medications are made from plasma.

Clotting factor agents are among the best-known medications made from plasma. Since the 60s, we have been able to isolate clotting factor VIII from human plasma and use it for treatment.

Thanks to the use of medications made from plasma, people with bleeding disorders now have almost the same life expectancy and quality of life as healthy people.

Fibrinogen, which is used for internal injuries, and thrombin or fibrin glue, the uses of which include local wound closure, are examples of other clotting concentrates that are made from plasma.

Albumin is another medicine that is obtained from plasma. It is used for serious injuries, major surgery, extensive burns, and debilitating cancers.

Immunoglobulins are important antibodies for the human body that are used preventively or for the treatment of life-threatening infections such as tetanus, rabies, and hepatitis. People with a congenital antibody deficiency can be treated successfully with immunoglobulin-based medicines.