Tips to reduce pre-christmas stress

Every year again: Suddenly Christmas is just around the corner and there are still so many things to do. A tree must be bought, food must be prepared, cookies have to be baked and presents have to be wrapped. And yet it should be the most contemplative time of the year. The countdown starts today, there is exactly one month left until Christmas. Here you can find out how the pre-Christmas period is going to be a little more relaxed this year.


At the beginning you should make a plan of what you have to do. Feel free to delegate tasks to others. This will save you a lot of stress. Moreover, this connects people and everyone involved feels included. The easiest way is to sit down with friends, family or your partner and discuss everything together. When do you meet? Who makes what to eat? Are there any other activities planned? Even the youngest children can help a little: whether by baking or making decorations, it’s all much more fun.

The presents

The tasks are distributed, now it is time to think about the Christmas presents. You can never get them too early. But rather give more time than stuff! This comes from the heart and the people who receive the gifts will be happy for sure. Buying gifts online also saves some time. If you have to go shopping in the city centre, you should make sure not to shop at ‘prime time’. So rather at the beginning of December and not shortly before Christmas.

Advent, Advent…

It is best to plan by weeks. In the first week of Advent, you can buy the gifts and everything around them, such as wrapping paper. You can also do a quick check to see if there are still enough Christmas decorations from last year and if the fairy lights still work. The second week can belong to writing Christmas cards and testing the best cookie recipes. Now the Christmas tree and food shopping remains, which you can do in the third week. In this way you save yourself a lot of stress.

Take time out

Besides all the errands and lists, one thing is also very important. Schedule some time off! Even the most thoroughly planned time before Christmas can be stressful due to all the errands. How about a nice snow walk, for example? So pack up and get out into the fresh air! This way not only you will stay fit, but also your immune system! Therefore nothing stands in the way of donating plasma in the wintertime.

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