Donating plasma after pregnancy

Recently, we have received several questions about plasma donation during and after pregnancy. All information about the topic and when you can donate again after a pregnancy can be found here.

Six months waiting period after birth

In principle, women are not allowed to donate blood plasma during pregnancy. There must be at least six months between the birth of the child and the next plasma donation. Women must also have weaned in order to be allowed to donate again. Even if breastfeeding is almost done, women should not donate plasma before their baby is weaned.

Simple reasons

The reason for this is quite simple! Expectant mothers should not be exposed to additional stress during pregnancy. In addition, the body needs more blood duringpregnancy to supply the placenta and the child. For their own protection and, of course, for the protection of the child, women should therefore under no circumstances donate plasma during pregnancy. However, after a break of six months it is no longer a problem!

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