7 reasons to do plasma donation

“Why should I donate plasma?” Perhaps you have asked yourself this question before. The answer is very simple: plasma donors save lives. These are big words, but they are true. When you think of saving lives, the first thing you probably think of are the characters from your favorite medical series or the superheroes from your favorite films – but even with your plasma donation you can become a hero and save the lives of many people.

In Austria alone, 180,000 people need medication based on blood plasma. They need them, for example, because they suffer from chronic diseases such as bloodcoagulation disorders (hemophilia) or autoimmune diseases. In addition, blood plasma concentrates in ambulances and hospitals help emergency patients or accident victims to survive.

Your plasma donation has of course also advantages for you: we have listed below seven good reasons for donating plasma.

1. Be a lifesaver

The most important reason first: As a plasma donor you become a lifesaver. Manypeople with rare, chronic diseases are dependent on medicine made from plasmato live a healthy and fulfilling life. With your donation you help these people and it costs you nothing.

2. Reimbursement

For each donation you make at the plasma donation center, you will be reimbursed 25 euros for your time. You can donate plasma up to 50 times per year. A little tip: It’s best to take a friend with you! Any of our donors who introduce a new donor to us will receive an additional bonus of 30 euros after their third donation!

3. Attractive bonus system

You will also benefit from our attractive bonus system where you will receive additional compensation for more donations. For example, for every 15 donationsin the first half of 2019, you will now receive an additional 100 euros! So, join in, make your mark and collect stamps.

4. Your personal downtime

While you help other people, you can relax and take your own personal time out. Whether it’s a good book, listening to your favorite music or surfing the Internet and watching movies with the free WLAN – you can make yourself comfortable with your donation.

5. Regular health checks free of charge

When you donate, your blood is tested for possible diseases. In addition, the composition of the blood plasma helps doctors to diagnose various diseases. This can, for example, provide information on possible malfunctions of metabolic disorders and organs. So you can be sure at all times that you are healthy and fit.

6. You get to know new people

Whether the person on the couch next to you or our BioLife Plasma Donation Center staff – with your donation you will meet nice people in the plasma centers,who are socially committed like you.

7. The good feeling that comes with saving lives

After your donation you can go home with a clear conscience of having helped other people. We say thank you to all donors who help every day anew.

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