There is a first time for everything. Now is your time to roll up your sleeves and save lives. As a thank you, you will receive 25 euros per donation.

Vitally important medications will be made from your plasma. However, we can only process your plasma starting from the second donation. So from your second donation onwards, you will be saving lives! On that basis, after the second donation, you will receive reimbursement for your time spent on the first and second donation, plus your personal lifesaver bonus:

25 + 25 + 10 = 60 euros

For each additional donation, you will be reimbursed 25 euros for your time.

For inquiries, further information, and to schedule appointments, please contact your nearest BioLife plasma donation center | Choose your plasma donation center here


Please remember:

  • Please bring your registration slip and an official photo ID with you
  • You must not have taken any painkillers or aspirin within the previous 24 hours
  • You must have had enough food and drink (at least 1.5 liters)
  • Plan to be there for 1.5 hours


Step 1 – Your Registration

For your first donation, please bring an official photo ID and your proof of registration with you. Get ready to start saving lives!

Step 2 – Your Health Counts

Complete the “Health Questionnaire” given to you at Reception, making sure you fill in all the details carefully. Please then bring the questionnaire with you to the medical examination.

Step 3 – Health Check

Donating plasma means added safety for you. Before your first donation, you will undergo a thorough assessment. When you donate plasma, you will get a free analysis of your state of health. If the results are outside the normal range, you will be informed.

Step 4 – Plasma Donation

Donating plasma is not complicated at all. And you will be saving lives. All in just 50 minutes! Your plasma will be separated and collected during plasmapheresis.

Step 5 – You are a lifesaver!

Now we can start to use your plasma for producing life-saving therapies.