Reopening of the new
BioLife plasma centers

Vienna Favorites on 02.06.2020 and Vienna Donaustadt on 15.06.2020

Dear donors,
first of all, we would like to thank you for each and every one of your donations and your loyalty – through you, people with rare diseases gain a better quality of life. In some cases you even save lives!

The last weeks have been challenging for us. Of course – as so often in life – everything came together. In addition to the corona situation, a fire at Donauzentrum has also affected our plasma centers. Last but not least, we have had rebuilding work underway at Donauzentrum and in Favoriten to provide you with even better care in the future.

We apologize to all our loyal donors for not being able to look after you there recently and for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

This is all behind us now and we are very pleased that our Plasmazentrum Wien Favoriten has reopened for you on 02.06.2020. The reopening of the Plasmazentrum Wien Donaustadt will follow on 15.06.2020. Not only will the centers shine in new glory, but from now on you will also find us under a new name – BioLife!

What changes for you? You are now part of a larger network of donor centers – in total BioLife operates eleven centers throughout Austria. If you are not yet a registered donor with BioLife, you will need to bring your donor registration form and photo identification to your first appointment. You will then receive a BioLife donor card and can donate as usual.

Details of what the change from Plasma Point to BioLife means for you can be found here. On Friday, 29.05.2020 we are available by phone until 18 o’clock for appointments in Vienna Favoriten. From Tuesday, 02.06.2020, we will be available for your questions by phone on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 09:30 and 19:30 in Vienna Favoriten.

What does the change mean for my already made donations at the Plasmapunkt?

All donations that you have already made in our plasma point centers will be transferred to your new donor profile in the BioLife database. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we still need to register you as a first-time donor with BioLife if you are not already a registered BioLife donor. Therefore, your donor year starts with your first visit as an official BioLife donor.

What happens with my premiums?

Since you must be registered as a first-time donor if you have not already been a registered donor with BioLife, your donor year will also start with your first visit as an official BioLife donor. As a result, the associated premiums will also restart. However, there will be a reunion bonus for all our regular donors who come back to our centers Favoriten and Donaustadt. You will receive an additional 15 € with your second donation until the end of September! This bonus only applies to donors who have already donated at Plasmapunkt. Our annual campaign 2020 with € 100,- for the 10th donation is still valid for our donors in Favoriten and Donaustadt.

What do I have to consider with my first visit to the BioLife Plasma Center Favoriten and Donaustadt?

If you are already registered with BioLife, you can come as usual to donate. Otherwise, please call us to make an appointment and bring your registration form and photo identification with you, as we will need to register you as a first-time BioLife donor at your first appointment. Please allow a little more time than usual for this appointment, as there will also be a medical examination.

I am already registered with BioLife, can I donate from 02.06.2020 at the Plasmazentrum Wien Favoriten and from 15.06.2020 at the Plasmazentrum Wien Donaustadt?

If you have already donated to BioLife within the last six months, you can continue your donations in Favoriten. Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 and necessary security measures, we still ask you to make an appointment by phone.

Can I donate at other BioLife plasma centers after reopening?

Once you are registered as a BioLife donor, you can donate at all 12 BioLife Plasmacenters in Austria.

What happens with my Plasmapunkt donor card?

When you register with BioLife you will receive a new donor card and donor number. Your Plasmapunkt donor card is invalid, but you are welcome to keep it. Otherwise, we will destroy your donor card on your first visit to BioLife.

Will the opening hours change after the reopening?

Our opening hours remain the same. The centers Wien Favoriten (from 02.06.2020) and Wien Donaustadt (from 15.06.2020) are open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 09.30 to 19.30 hrs. The centers are closed on Wednesdays.

Will the contact details (phone number, e-mail address) of the centers remain the same?

Our telephone numbers remain the same. Our Plasmapunkt email addresses will be deactivated soon, but new email addresses will be available for you. You can find the contact details here:

BioLife Plasmazentrum Vienna Favoriten
Favoritenstraße 93
1100 Vienna
01 / 603 15 14

BioLife Plasmazentrum Vienna Donaustadt (ab 15.06.2020)
Siebeckstraße 7
1220 Vienna
01 / 202 47 87

We hope we could answer all your questions. If not, you are welcome to contact us by phone. We look forward to your future visits to our new BioLife Plasma Centers!

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