Use of mouth and nose protection

in the BioLife Plasma Centers

Dear BioLife donor!
The reliable supply of plasma-based therapy is ever more important these days. Many of the patients, who rely on these therapies, often have a weak immune system. It puts them into a high-risk group, especially in times of the coronavirus. Therefore, it is very important that these people continue receiving their therapies. Thank you for making a meaningful contribution!

Unfortunately, many people are currently unsure about the plasma donation restrictions under the current circumstances. The answer is Yes – you can donate plasma. The authorities have explicitly classified the plasma donation as a critical service. We have a responsibility to continue our donor operations and supply plasma-based medication for those patients in need.

Plasma donation is still a very safe process for our donors who are subjects to the same strict selection criteria that ensure their safety. These measures have now been specifically adapted to the current situation in order to protect both you as a donor and our employees working in the plasma centers.

One of the most important measures is social distancing. We kindly ask you to continue making an appointment online, before you come to the respective donation center. As a result, it will make it much easier for us to plan and organize the donation process.

You can contribute to the safety of others

We kindly ask you to wear mouth and nose protection in our centers. As of April 14, 2020, such safety measures are the case in public areas in Austria. Wearing a protective mask is not mandatory. Scarves and self-sewn fabric masks are sufficient, as was also explained by our government.

Due to the current scarcity of masks on the market, we can not provide them to all donors. Therefore, we ask for your help – please, take your own protective masks if possible. We ask for your understanding.

Thank you for your plasma donation and the good cooperation for our safety!

Your BioLife Plasma Center Team

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