Keeping yourself fit at home for plasma donation

In the Corona period it is not that easy to have enough movement. But especially as a plasma donor it is important to pay attention to your own physical fitness. So how about a home workout? We will give you tips on how to do it well within your own four walls.

Use what you have

You do not necessarily need dumbbells, a crosstrainer or other bulky equipment to do sports at home. Use your home and invent your personal sports equipment! Whether it is a solid chair, a box full of water or a training band wrapped around the door handle. You can train at home without needing a lot of equipment. By the way: You can also do a lot of exercises with your own body weight and still stay fit.

Use YouTube, social media and co.

You don’t like doing sports alone? Then use social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Co! Especially now, many people train together via live stream. Whether yoga, HIIT or aerobics, there is certainly something for you there.

Workout Apps

Those who don’t prefer live workouts can also use a sports app. Simply search for your favourite sport in the Appstore or Google Play Store and you will find numerous apps. The good thing about it: These often remind you of your workout, so you will not forget a single sports unit and stay motivated!

Turn up the music and lights

With your own favourite music, the home workout is even more fun. But brightness is also important because it has a stimulating effect. So, turn on as many lights as possible or let the sunshine in during the day!

Find a workout buddy

Many people train more easily when they do sports together with others. This too can be mastered in the corona crisis! Simply arrange a time with your friends and then play sports together live via video chat services. Even if you are not physically together in the same room, the fun factor is increased considerably. And if someone else is waiting for you, it is more difficult to avoid or cancel the workout.

Watch yourself

Place a large mirror in your fitness room. This way you can observe yourself and your exercises and check if you are doing them correctly.

So, have you already got the desire for a workout? With our tips you are guaranteed to be well prepared and stay fit for the next blood plasma donation!

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