COVID-19: Become a lifesaver!

We are looking for healthy persons who have successfully recovered from COVID-19 and are willing to donate their plasma for the development of a possible therapy for COVID-19. The first lifesavers have already followed our call!

Who are we looking for and why?

Takeda is working hard to develop a potential therapy for COVID-19, drawing on over 65 years of expertise in human blood plasma therapies. We have a stable and well-proven platform on which we can now develop a possible therapy for COVID-19 infections. What we need are antibodies against the coronavirus, which we find in the plasma of people who are cured after an infection with COVID-19. Without this plasma, we cannot develop and provide this potential therapy.

Why should you be helping?

Because you and your relatives might one day be able to rely on a therapy against COVID-19 and your donation can save lives! Here is the personal story of two people who became plasma donors after their COVID-19 infection and helped to develop this possible therapy.

How can you become a life saver?

Are you yourself verified as healed and healthy after a COVID-19 infection or do you know people in your environment? Then ask your questions and/or make an appointment for a plasma donation in one of our centers throughout Austria! You can find them in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg, Wels, Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

Please share this information with people in your area.

Is the plasma donation safe?

Donating plasma is a very safe procedure and donors are always subject to strict selection criteria that ensure the safety of plasma donation and plasma donors. Due to the current situation, we have strengthened our safety measures. These include temperature controls for donors and staff at the entrances to the donor centers, additional and comprehensive hygiene and disinfection measures, increasing social distances in the waiting and reception area and in the donor room and additional cleaning intervals for disinfection. Plasma donation is therefore still a very safe procedure, in which hygiene and the safety of the donors and our employees are the top priority.

Can I donate even in the current situation of restrictions in public life?

Yes, you can. Plasma donations ensure the production of important medicines, for people with rare and chronic diseases. These people often have a weakened immune system and, especially in the age of COVID-19, are among the high-risk group – so it is even more important that these patients continue to receive their usual therapies.

Once a lifesaver, always a lifesaver – plasma donations are always important

Takeda extracts 21 different drugs from human blood plasma. These therapies are for patients with complex and rare diseases who need them, because many of these therapies cannot be produced in any other way than through your plasma donation. Often these therapies are life-saving. This is even more important in the current situation, as most patients have a weakened immune system and therefore belong to the high-risk group for a possible COVID-19 infection!
You are interested and would like to learn more about this topic? Then make an appointment!